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5 Fun Split Screen COOP Games For Couples 2021

Coming out of the UK lockdown, I’m pretty sure we’ve all racked up quite some hours of gameplay on various games. My partner and I often looked online for good COOP games for couples , but we never found much.

I thought I’d share this list of games we enjoyed playing. Instead of me waffling on, heres the list of the best 5 COOP games for couplesĀ  we came across. Let me know what games you enjoyed!

1) A Way Out | Split Screen COOP

This COOP game is a 1970 styled prison break adventure. At parts it can feel like its boarding on another prison break movie. Yet the game does well to keep you hooked with its unique take on the classic split screen COOP format

Without giving away spoilers away, they may or may not get a hold of a gun, and there might or may not be some shooting involved… but the majority of the game consists of action sequences of button tapping. The the game does well to keep it fresh, you rarely feel like you’ve ‘done this before’.

As mentioned above the game brings an interesting dynamic to the split screen view. The screen shifts in size depending on the importance of the actions. As well, the beauty of the game helps get even more emerged in the action.

If you do play this game, play to the end, it’s not a very long game but it has to be one of my favourite endings to a game. There is also an alternative ending!

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2) Diablo 3 | Split Screen COOP

Ok this game makes my list of my all time favourite games as it is. So once I found out it had a split screen COOP mode, I immediately thought it would be a great COOP game for couples

To start both of you will have to choose 1 out of 7 different character classes (I was the mage and Zoe was the barbarian). As you progress through each act and level up, you will learn new skills and find the new equipment. This will give you even more firepower to fight off the hordes of the underworld.

Gameplay can feel repetitive at times, but the sheer insanity of the battles dismiss any thoughts of boredom. Each zone brings more and more monsters into the mix, which was like another hit of dopamine. yes I am a massive geek.

Even after you complete this game you can replay as the same character, as many times as you like. You can even wham the difficulty up a crazy amount of times to keep them dopamine hits comin’

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3) Minecraft Dungeons | Split Screen COOP

If you don’t like the sound of hellish hordes, but you want to slash your way through dungeons; check out Minecraft Dungeons. This COOP game brings a more chilled vibe to the dungeon-eering games you see these days

I first played this game with my little sister , and while playing I couldn’t believe how like Diablo it was. It was a family friendly version of the game!

Like Diablo, MC Dungeons gameplay is a hack and slash with the option to use 3 spells that your items give you. You can enchant your gear which adds a unique affect to your attacks. This adds that extra layer of satisfaction while chopping down hordes of skeletons.

Do not be fooled by appearance, the game make look sweet and innocent but it actually was rather difficult also, this would be a great COOP game for couples

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4) Stranded Deep | Split Screen COOP

Stranded Deep was another game I had played before and had no idea it had a COOP split screen feature. This game brought us countless hours of fun and stress, I would recommend this game.

Stepping away for all the action, this COOP game finds you well.. stranded on an island after your plan crashed at sea. To keep yourself alive you will need to get a steady supply of both food and pure water. Careful not to deplete all your resources on the island you land on, oh and there are predators!

If you do notice your island looking a little barren, you can build yourself a raft. You will have the opportunity to finally explore all the distant island you can see off the coast.

One thing we loved about the game is once we explored the islands, the game would allow you to import new island in. Meaning although we spent hours on the game and visited all the islands, we could bring new ones in and keep the adventure going! Another great COOP game for couples!

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5) Escapist | Split Screen COOP

Our lastĀ  COOP game for couples on the list is Escapist 2. Both of you will find yourself stuck in the same prison and wanting out. You must work together doing quests for the inmates. This will earn status and currency which will aid your escape.

I love the freedom gives you to do what you want… funny enough for a prison game but during your time in the prison you are free to explore. During your free time you can train skills, craft items and plan your escape. You must be careful to keep your head down or the guards may foil your plan!

This is a perfect CO-OP game for couples as it will take up hours of your time as you get ever closer to finding out if your grand master plan worked out.

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